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Brian Babor – Monetizepros CEO

October 30, 2018

5/5 Rating By Monetizepros

I rated SuperiorSolos a 5 star review (kind of a big deal) for the category of Solo Ads in the email marketing niche. I have friends who have used them personally and continue to use their services.

The SuperiorSolos Way, No BS & No shenanigans!
So Many Bad "Solo Sellers", Use Shady Techniques like:

Their Traffic Is Thumped, Kicked, And Battered To Death. It's likely these leads are on up to 100 other lists because they only buy clicks from each other and not use new traffic sources to build their Email Lists.
Some sellers are Pesky, fake or seasonal Resellers Who Want A Quick Buck. And Most those "Solo Sellers" don't actually own any Email lists!
Some they use Dirty Scripts and Bot Traffic that add fake leads into your autoresponders and look completely genuine, when really you are adding nothing but thin air to your lists.
some sellers do Fake Testimonials on Facebook Groups! They leave each other fake testimonials, to try and boost their credibility . Sad, but very true. we have caught few and reported them to FB group Admins.

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” I have been marketing online now over 15 years, and I have to say Superior Solos and Mark Elali have provided a excellent service and customer experience! We purchased 1000 clicks on our first run, and it was one of the most responsive solo ads we have ever purchased, and we purchase a lot of solo ads!! We had a 47% opt-in rate, and 12 upfront sales on our $1 trial offer, and 160 free member sign ups immediately after the solo was finished and since then have converted many more of the leads into sales!! We have more than tripled or profit on what we spent on the solo ad!! Fantastic, we are regulars now and recommend this traffic in our viral funnels, thanks a bunch! Keep rocking it! Sincerely. “


Richard Weberg – Now Lifestyle Leader

What They Say About Us?

Proudly, We are The Only Solo Ads Company that have Real Verified Google Shopper Approved Buyers Reviews.


Firas Alameh – Super Affiliate, JVzooer, Product Creator

BEST Solo Ads I Can Trust!

Top! Probably the only BEST solo ads I can trust online and will ever trust ! Cheers and keep up the good work.

Customer Service 5/5


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Unlike other Sellers & marketplaces, with Us you get detailed information about each visitor: Total Clicks, Unique Clicks, T1 Ratio,  IP, Host, Geo-location, Country, OS, Browser, ISP, Device and much more. You will never pay for fake, bot, duplicate or even useless traffic. We don’t use free useless tracking software, we use professional Clickmagick Tracking. See About Clickmagick Here

Our Guarantee!

We Guarantee to Deliver Your Purchased traffic, We Guarantee it’s Going to be 100% Real Traffic (no fake clicks or bots), We use Server Level Filtering & clickmagick To clean & Deliver Your Traffic (PS: If you are not using clickmagick, You SHOULD).

We NEVER Guarantee Results like Conversions, Optins, Sales… Because We dont know how leads will react to your offer. No Marketing Platform Can Guarantee Results! imagine Google or Facebook Guarantee Results for Promoting with them! 

We are all Adults and We know How Advertising Works! if You want any Guarantees for the Above or have any doubt about our service Please Don’t Order!

With Solo Ad Traffic; it is vital to send all your traffic to an optin page. The whole point of solo ad traffic is generating good quality pre qualified leads that you can capture and followup with. This is your first priority. Many Focus too much on the Front End Sale, They dont build their List and this money is going in the drain! Your List is your equity, Money is in the List … We Use an This platform to build Our Websites, funnels, Optin Pages, it’s fully loaded with thousands of them, includes 100s of Marketing apps, Autoresponder, App builder, Niche funnels, Membership site builder & much much more and it’s Crazy Cheap comparing to clickfunnels! Check it Out Here.

Once you have Captured the lead, it is then a good idea to send your prospects to whatever it is you promised them. Could be a sales video, sales letter, free training; sign up to a webinar etc.. Always make sure You send a Welcome email, introduce yourself and Connect with your Leads, they need to trust you to spend their money with you… We use Maxbounty & One of Our Top CPA platform we use is This One, Check it Out, they have Awesome Offers, Pay on time always.

A great email follow-up campaign is the most important part of your funnel process… Most people, including yourself, never buy anything on the first visit, right ? Just think when you were first starting out, did you buy into the first Offer you saw ? I’m sure the answer is NO! But a solid email followups, you can keep following up with your prospects until they buy your main Offer, if not you send them to Lower end Offer, Downsell … Extra …

just like anything else in life, you need dedication, hard work, commitment to reach your goals, and then things become passive and easier.

Also This is Marketing & Advertising = Numbers Game : So Keep building your Lists, Keep promoting your Offers, don’t give up … The More your Promote the better your ROI is going to be. If you though you can send few clicks and you make sales! WRONG! and You will waste allot of money … Clean Traffic = More Leads = More Sales … There is no Magic shortcut otherwise we would have used it for ourselves 🙂

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We Add 1000s of New Subscribers daily, From our network of google ads, Facebook ads, email campaigns and our blogs… Our Aweber lists includes Buyers and made out of Almost 100% openers bcz we delete none openers every month!

While Others Just Talk The Talk, We are Busy Walking The Walk!

Our traffic is Minimum 90% top tier (United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom). You’re also able to Upgrade to 100% Tier 1 in the checkout, Or USA only Traffic .. Extra

With Clickmagick , You need a good reliable tracking system to protect you against fraud and scam and bad clicks/bots and also gives you insight on how is your traffic and offers are doing.  Clickmagick is very easy to use, and must have!!! Very Affordable and A must have investment , Check it out Here they have free trial also.

YES! We guarantee to deliver your Purchased traffic, we guarantee it’s going to be 100% real traffic (no fake clicks or bots here, We use clickmagick To clean & Deliver Your Traffic, If you are not using clickmagick, You SHOULD!), We never Guarantee results like conversions or sales because We dont know how leads will react to your offer. You are an Adult and You know How Advertising Works! 

There is No limit to how Often you can re order, we update our lists daily with thousands of new leads and Our Lists are pretty big …

NO We do NOT spam.  All of these prospects are 100% Organic opt-in leads who have filled out a form showing interest in the category you choose and We segment leads based on their activity within our lists including buyers.

We use Aweber , the Top and most strict Email platform , So We 100% comply with the Can-Spam Act in every way Possible …

Yes, you may use and promote your affiliate link and/or rotator link in the email ad, this is what many of our customers do.If You going to be buying traffic and are going to be doing affiliate marketing, Clickmagick is a must, You need a good reliable tracking system to protect you against fraud and scam and bad clicks/bots and also gives you insight on how is your traffic and offers are doing. very easy to use, and must have!!!Check it out Here they have free trial also . Also Note we do not accept any Get Rich Quick Scams, Ponzi MLM Programs. all Orders are Manually Reviewed.

You can pay using Our Secure Stripe; We accept VISA, Mastercard and American Express. Paypal, Bank Deposit and CryptoCurrency…

Once Your Order Begins NO refunds are issued under any circumstances . Please check Our Terms and conditions. if You feel you cant Trust Us, Please dont Order!

We fully Own Our Lists, We build them from Ground Up! We have full control of the whole marketing Process. Here You deal Directly with US! Other Marketplaces, Like Udimi have thousands of sellers and re-sellers and brokers! They Buy and resell same old reused traffic!

We have been Using primarily Aweber Since the Day We started! One of the Best inbox Delivery Rates, Solid Platform and Can spam compliant. Now We also Use BA Autoreponder for our own Affiliate Offers and Buyers.

Ok this is our little Secret 🙂 , We Use an amazing system to build Our Websites, funnels, Optin Pages, it’s fully loaded with thousands of them, includes 100s of Marketing apps, Autoresponder, App builder, Niche funnels, Membership site builder & much much more and it’s Crazy Cheap comparing to clickfunnels! Check it Out Here.

We do not offer coaching ourselves, but We recommend This Coaching Program that has allowed over 100 people to get very admirable and desirable results (and growing). it’s is one of the best real solo ads coaching programs out there!

Yes We do! SuperiorSolos referral program, Where You Make 10% Per new Purchases you bring in*.

Our Easy, Simple ‘Tell a friend’ referral system for you. See More & Apply Here 

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