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Subject line Ideas for Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Consumers look for discounts and campaigns in their own favorite brands. Especially in the holiday periods and special discount days such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday, they start searching for free product and gifts in advance.

Well then, what does it mean? This means that you have to start e-mail marketing practices specific to holiday periods and these special occasions. The best thing to do is to start sending e-mails for these special days 1 month before. But that doesn’t mean you are too late. Here are some subject line ideas for you to start your periodic deliveries today.

For Online Retailers

  • 5 Reasons Why You Need a Garmin Nüvi
  • Nine West: Last day! 30% Discount Special for Black Friday
  • Open this e-mail in case of emergency!
  • Trekking is something else in November! 25% Discount in Trekking Shoes!
  • The only thing you need in Cyber Monday is a new pair of George Hoggs!
  • Share happiness! 10% of the income goes to Street Animals!
  • Black Friday stared from Monday! CAMPAIGN WEEK
  • ENJOY IT! We have uploaded your Cyber Monday Account 50 TL!
  • Have you ever dreamt of buying these? Moreover with 50% Discount!
  • The best of everything for your friend who has everything!
  • All MAC products with 70% discount for only 3 days!
  • 5 things that only BOSE Speaker owners know
  • Have you ever started your day with an extra 100 TL in your pocket?
  • Work can wait! Cyber Monday Discount Products are running out!
  • Early VIP Discount: Cyber Monday products are limited by the stock!
  • If Alice knew that she lost a 100 TL coupon, wouldn’t she open this email?
  • We have a CYBERSONIC offer! Last 3 hours!
  • An Opportunity to brighten even Black Friday: 40% Discount
  • A First in History: 50% Discount in Sketchers
  • Blackest of the Black Friday, The Cream of the Crop!
  • Cyber Monday Discount starts Tonight!

For Non-Profit Organizations and NGO’s

  • Brighten the Black Friday with your support!
  • Sharing is the best gift ever! #givelife
  • How can a sweet panda keyholder gain favor? #wwf
  • Donate Now and Become a part of Life Squad!
  • The best gift of the Black Friday: HOPE
  • Nothing Better Than Winning Others A Friend For Life #donotbuyadopt

Action words that you should use in the e-mail subject lines in holiday periods and special days

Being extra creative will do very well in these periods. Coming up with entertaining subject lines is a great idea but one shouldn’t ignore the statistics. Due to the statistics, specific words are much more effective than the others in regards to sales and return rates. Some of such words are:

  • Discount
  • Now
  • Thank you
  • You
  • Special for you
  • Discover
  • Be the first
  • At once

Each of these words is pretty successful when it comes to linking and convincing. Also they disclose emotions of emergency and personality in the customers.

Also, using emoticons in the subject line is a factor that affects the opening of the e-mails that you send before the trade cycles. The entertaining structure of the emoticons helps your e-mails to stand out amongst all others. When you are sending an e-mail about a winter product add your subject line a sweet snowman and watch the positive return yourself.

Draw your customers’ attention in holiday periods and special days by reminding words.

Statistically, using the names of the holiday periods and special days along with the words that encourage your customers to shop will give them the impression that your discounts are special for only these days or these periods. Some words draw attention, as you can see in the e-mail subject lines above;

  • Special day
  • Black Friday
  • Cyber Monday
  • Gift/Share
  • Shop
  • Last Days
  • Special
  • Offer
  • Win

When you combine the words that invite the customers to action and draw their attention, the outcome of the e-mails you send will be more than enough to make you happy!

Increase your sales by e-mail marketing planning in the holiday seasons and special days. Use Sendloop’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday ready-to-use, responsive e-mail templates to send your subscribers great e-mails!

To learn more about writing highly effective and converting email subject lines, read “The Art of Writing Subject Lines” article.


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