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Spam Trigger Manipulative Phrases and Words

As we know, Spam filters cross-check the mail-body and Subject with the list of spam trigger words and then send the mail to to spam. So, to avoid this inconvenience, you just need to choose your words wisely to use in the mail; or it never gets into the spam box.

Spam trigger words:

Manipulative Phrases and Words are those who create urgency. You may have any urgent information to pass to your client or your employee. For this reason, you may use any words to emphasize the importance of the mail, but spam filters always detect these words and mark your mail as spam.

You should avoid using these spam trigger words in your mail:

  • Act now
  • Action
  • Apply now
  • Apply online
  • Buy
  • Buy direct
  • Call
  • Call now
  • Click here
  • Clearance
  • Click here
  • Do it today
  • Don’t delete
  • Drastically reduced
  • Exclusive deal
  • Expire
  • Get
  • Get it now
  • Get started now
  • Important information regarding
  • Instant
  • Limited time
  • New customers only
  • Now only
  • Offer expires
  • Once in a lifetime
  • Order now
  • Please read
  • Special promotion
  • Take action
  • This won’t last
  • Urgent
  • While stocks last

Yes, you might have seen these words in many Inbox emails you have received, but most probably you didn’t know that these emails have been whitelisted, or have a very high reputation that they will pass the Spam filters.