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Email Blogging

The Powerful Email Blogging…

Email blogging ? what is that ? The time and money you spend on email marketing is never a waste. After all, email is the most popular activity among smartphone users aged 18 – 45.

Focusing on an email marketing strategy helps you to build a relationship with your audience.

Blogging is time-consuming. As a part-time content marketer, you want to make sure that you spend your time creating content that will benefit your audience and send the right clients your way. That includes the following tasks:

  • Brainstorm, research and create top-notch content regularly
  • Find authority blogs and write valuable comments
  • Respond to comments, if you want to engage readers
  • Use solo ads, paid traffic and social media to build your network
  • Test everything: landing page, about page, call-to-action and headlines

The concept is really simple: Strategically combine email marketing and good content blogging to nurture your target audience and increase your chances of acquiring clients, even as a part-time online entrepreneur.

Put another way …

Email marketing + blogging = email blogging

Remember that when users join your email list, you’ve got to be mindful of the quality of the content that you send them. Otherwise, people will quickly unsubscribe.

The design of your blog should make the capture of your site visitors’ email addresses simple and easy, no matter what channel (solo adscontextual ads, search, social media, or direct) brought them to your site. Your blog design should be simple but inviting.

Email blogging simply means creating high-quality content primarily for your email subscribers. This is important because email is a major contact point for your target audience.

Segment your email list: It’s important that you categorise (or segment) your email list. Email segmentation gives you the rare privilege of sending the right content to a select group of people on your list.

For example, new subscribers shouldn’t receive an email offering your premium or high-ticket products right away. They barely trust you enough to spend $10 on your product. They still need education, inspiration and a reason, before they can buy from you.

However, subscribers who have been on your list for at least three months have developed a level of trust with you. They can comfortably process promotional emails from you without getting annoyed.

Part-time content marketing can be profitable if you think outside the box. Instead of just writing articles at your convenience and hoping that the right client will come along one day, you can take control.

While using any of these income-generating opportunities, keep collecting email leads and building your email lists with targeted solo ads, ppc, contextual ads and more, use valuable and timely content to build relationships with subscribers.