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4 Easy to implement Tips to get higher Email Open Rates!

You’re sending emails, but why aren’t a lot of people opening up?

Here are 4 easy to implement email marketing tips to getting higher email open rates!

Most people are getting less than 10% open rates and this is KILLING their online marketing effectiveness. That just sucks. If you’re not getting over a 20% open rate, you’re doing something wrong. And I’m gonna show you how to improve that number.

I get almost above 30% on every single email that I’m sending. And here’s how I do it.


#1 Test the sender email So your sender email could be [email protected] :

It could be your name at your website. It could be your company name at your website .com. Whatever it may be. But I found that the sender name affects the open rates drastically, so test that out.


#2 Use a casual subject line:

When your friends are sending you an email, their subject line to you is way more casual than professional. And that’s why you open up your friend’s emails way more than you open up a business email.


#3 Make sure your subject line is lowercase:

You can test out using upper case and being proper. But what I found out is when I use lowercase subject lines it gets more opens. When I use subject lines that are all uppercase and proper, a lot of people don’t click through, ’cause they’re like, “Oh this is a business, “corporate email.”


#4 put the person’s name in the subject line:

When you make the subject line personalized to that person, by including their name, I found that the open rate drastically increases on this type of email campaign, usually by 5% to 7% more than if I’m not using the person’s name in the subject line.