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Better List Management

After analyzing the usage behavior of hundreds of users who have more than 10 lists, we designed a new list browse screen that keeps your lists more organized.

No matter how many lists you have, prior to this update they were listed as “cards” in two columns. This was causing usability problems, especially for users with 10+ lists.

For example, we have the following lists for our Sendloop account:

  • Facebook
  • Users
  • Website Mail List
  • Blog Updates
  • Monthly Newsletters

These lists were displayed in a grid-style, two column card structure. Furthermore, it was hard to quickly view one of these lists.

Now, it’s much easier. You can “group” lists under specific topics. Grouped lists will be displayed inside a single box:

Grouped Lists

So, how do you group your lists? It’s really easy!

Simply add a prefix to the name of your lists.

Here are some examples:

1) List name: Attendees

    Change to: Summit 2013 > Attendees”

2) List name: “VIP”

   Change to: “Summit 2013 > VIP”


When your lists are grouped, it becomes much easier to browse and manage them. We sincerely hope you like this improvement. Please send us your feedback.

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