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10 Subject Lines That Will Get You Most Opens

Email marketing campaigns are surely an efficient way to entice your target audiences, but you have to tie up your laces to make the most out of it. Correct timing and right words warrant the success s of your email marketing campaign. We sell Solo Ads, So we know a little bit about Email Marketing 🙂 .

Pick a fire-up attitude in your subject lines and you will see a noticeable difference in your sales.

According to a report, almost 35 to 44% email recipients open emails because of their impressive subject lines. Make your subject lines catchy and get more opens.

I’m sure you’ve heard it, ‘First Impression is the Last Impression’.

Following are the 10 Subject Lines that can give a boost to your email marketing campaign by giving you most opens:

1. All About “You”

Applying basic communication skills in subject lines can do wonders. Instead of using “I” attitude, opt for using “You”, “We” and “Us”. While “I” sounds a bit selfish, the other three will allow your subscribers create a much closer bond with you. Using “You” in subject lines will develop an instant personal reaction, making your subscribers engaged in direct communication.

Eg:      “You” are invited to our exhibition.

            “Your” monthly newsletter is right here for you.

2. Ask Question

Interesting questions in subject lines trigger actions. The best questions are the ones which resonate with a readers’ past experience and spark curiosity regarding the email content.

For example: Does mid-time hunger make you a zombie at workplace?

Do you check your Facebook when you wake up in the morning?

3. Generate Curiosity

Subject lines that spark curiosity are more likely to get opens. Leave a small hint or gap for curiosity to encourage subscribers to read the whole content.


Eg:  This fact will certainly change your lifestyle

              One spice that can trigger weight loss

4. “How To” Lines

“How to” subject lines always get attention as they give clear indication to subscribers what they are going to learn from opening the email.

For eg: How to stand-out at workplace?

             How to make fashion statement in budget?

5. Show scarcity

Indicating scarcity in subject line is a strong driver of human psychological behavior to open an email. Shortage triggers fear of missing out, which in turns force them to act immediately.

For example: Only 2 slots remaining for registration

                 Last 2 days to get free shipment

6. Make Announcement

Subject lines with powerful announcements for new or introductory offers increased the chances of the email being opened.

Eg: Introducing our new HELP feature

             See our latest products on SALE

7.      Numbers are great

Using numbers add conciseness to the subject lines which in turn encourage subscribers to open the email.

For example: Top 5 Best Selling Products on our Site

             6 Ways to increase your Sales

8. Surprise offers

Surprise offers in subject lines mostly get successful in getting opens and clicks.

For example: A pleasant surprise waiting for you

            Special surprise offer for our loyal customers

9. Add Urgency

Creating a sense of urgency in your subject lines is a classic yet winning marketing tactic. Use words that produce a budge of urgency; such as “last chance”, “act now”, “limited offer”, “Final call” etc.

For example: Last chance to avail 60% discount

            Consultation Slots Available – Final Call!


10. Personalized your Subject Line

Subscribers are real people and want to be addressed through genuine people in emails. Include the recipient name in the beginning and don’t forget to include your name / Company name in the email as well.

For example: Hey John, have you tried Smith’s tricks for growing sales?

             Hi David, Ssuperiorsolos wants your feedback 

Enjoy …