Youtube Channel Monetization

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1- You will Get 1000+ subscribers organically and 4000+ hours (240,000 minutes) of watch time on your channel.
2- You must have one video on your channel that is greater than 120 minutes long.
2- Order with your channel URL not the video URLs. You can not pick which video is used, our Developers will do that when processing the order. It’s also Best to use a new Video that you want to upload. Multiple Videos will be used to split Views.
3- Start Time: 24 To 48 Hours, Speed: Around 14 Days Max to Complete Package, GEO: Viewers are from all countries We cannot offer Targeted GEO.
4- Please Note: We are not the one Monetising the Channel, We are Simply Providing you with the numbers that YouTube requires to Monetize Your Channel. While 99.99% of Channels get monetised, we Cannot Guarantee this service.
5- See FAQ for more Details.

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Melissa (Clickbank Super Affiliate)

I received 39 trials, out of 200 clicks . good job, thanks……
Ameer L.

Happy with the traffic that I got and already made sale on first day. Highly recommended.

Thank you Mark for an awesome solo ad and the over delivery is much appreciated, a good amount of optins, I will be back for another run
Brian R

Thanks Mark I got around 150 leads.