SERP Ranking Booster

Boost Your Google Organic Rankings Now! is a Award winning solution that works for you to improve your organic SEO rankings by sending real human visitors/Clickers to your targeted keywords on google search engine and increasing your organic click-through rate and boosting your rankings.

Increase Your Organic Click through Rates & Boost Your Organic Rankings.

If you are looking for highest quality traffic and real visitors who engage with your website, Premium Packages are the way to go. We guarantee minimum 30 seconds viewing time per visit and industry-leading conversion rates.

Session Duration Control

We guarantee Minimum 30 seconds on site. You can choose to use different session time you need, from 0% to 100% in the order form.

Keyword Targeting

We use Your Keywords and Your Links to help you Rank higher. CTR is a secret factor in ranking higher See this case study.

More clickers, More Rankings

Driving customers to your site when you buy targeted United States website traffic helps your ranking numbers go up, including on the major search engines that your customers are using. As your site becomes more and move visible, even more customers come your way.

Guaranteed Results In Your Google Analytics

Head to Google Analytics, and you’ll get the proof of targeted traffic from your selected Keywords and urls. At Clixooo, we make sure you’re getting the services you’re paying for.

Does Organic CTR Impact SEO Rankings? [New Data]

Google seems to indicate the latter is indeed the case!

Does organic click-through rate (CTR) data impact page rankings? This has been a huge topic of debate for years within the search industry. See Case Study Here

Adsense Safe

Our clickers do not Click on Ads. so they are always safe.

How & Who are the Clickers and are they Real Humans or Bots ?

We have Registered Paid Workers (Clickers) , Our clickers enter your keyword phrase in Google, as any natural searcher would, then scroll down and navigate the search results until they find and click your targeted URL. They stay on your website for a specified period that you selected (minimum 30 seconds), they are not allowed to click on any Ads on your site, but they can Click on your site and navigate it and register if they like what you are promoting.

On Sale
Bronze Package 2000+ Clicks
Bronze Package 2000+ Clicks
Normal Price $598 USD
Save 50%
$299 USD
On Sale
Silver Package 4000+ Clicks
Silver Package 4000+ Clicks
Normal Price $1 196 USD
Save 55%
$539 USD
On Sale
Gold Package 8000+ Clicks
Gold Package 8000+ Clicks
Normal Price $2 392 USD
Save 59%
$969 USD

Thank you Mark for an awesome solo ad and the over delivery is much appreciated, a good amount of optins, I will be back for another run
Brian R

Clicks Ordered: 200 Clicks Received: 219 Optin Rate: 42.9% Tier 1: 99% Sales: Yes, CPLs Quality clicks from Mark.