Contextual Ad 2000 – $0.20/Click

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Product Details
  • $0.59 $0.20/Unique Click
  • 2000 Unique Clicks* To your Website/Offer/Page
  • 90% Min T1* Visitors
  • We never Under-deliver, We Always Over Deliver min 2% to 10% Max
  • All Stats Based on Our Clickmagick Tracking stats

T1 Tier One Countries:

  • English Speaking Countries: USA, Australia, Canada, New Zealand & England.

Mobile/Desktop Clicks :

  • Standard: A Natural Organic Mix Not Controlled (BEST OPTION)
  • Mobile Only : You will only receive Mobile Clicks
  • Desktop Only: You will only Receive Desktop Clicks, This can be Very Slow & NOT RECOMMENDED!

Traffic Filter:

  • Standard Filter: Using Our Server Level & Clickmagick Filtering & Delivering.
  • Premium Filter: Using Our Server Level, Clickmagick Filtering & then must Pass a Confirmation page before final Redirect
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Clicks Ordered: 9,600 Clicks Received: 11,300 Optin Rate: 46% Tier 1: 93% Sales: Yes!! Mark I want to thank you again for your consistency in sending top quality traffic that converts, without fail you deliver fast responsive traffic every single time…. I will always be back for more, thank you so much 🙂
Justine O

Clicks Ordered: 500 Clicks Received: 522 Optin Rate: 33.31 Tier 1 %: 90% Sales: 2 Was a success, good communicator, now started a 1000 click order