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The top 4 traffic sources you should pay attention to :

  1. Pay Per Click (PPC) Traffic
  2. Content Marketing
  3. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) 
  4. The forth one is THE SECRET SOURCE

discover the highest converting traffic source:

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  2. That is the most targeted
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1- Pay Per Click (PPC) Traffic

Effective but expensive and unless you have a big budget, you should not start with PPC traffic. With PPC, it’s not about getting surges of traffic; rather it’s about precisely picking your ideal prospect then convincing them to give you money. 

If you are looking for quick surges of traffic and creating a sales frenzy in your business; then PPC is just not going to do it for you.

And you definitely cannot operate a PPC campaign on a tiny budget when a CLICK these days costs about $2-$3. 

So if your small budget is $10 a day; This means you will get 3-5 clicks “visitors” a day to your website.. And with numbers like this; you can’t measure your results quickly. This will take weeks until you collect enough data.

PPC Pros:

  • Effective but results are very SLOW!
  • Big amount of traffic but will convert low as it is not super targeted and pre warmed.

PPC Cons:

  • Need a big budget
  • Can’t be afraid to spend money to split-test before making money
  • Vast knowledge required
  • Lots of time required
  • You must have copywriting experience to write compelling PPC ads that get clicks.
  • Too Many rules to comply with and accounts can be banned anytime.

2- Content Marketing Traffic

This is the new form of traffic everyone is talking about. This traffic is effective but there is a long and precise process that must be followed in order for it to be a success for your business.

Content marketing is essentially text ads in the form of content recommendations on other blogs, and content sites. 

Now let’s be honest; how often do you click on these ads ? Probably never, and the times that you do, you’re never in the state of mind to want to pull out your credit card and pay for something. Am I right ?

However Content marketing can still be effective if you love writing. I mean writing many blog posts, articles, and engaging with people about a product or service you love through your content.

However it’s a long and daunting process and much masterminding needs to go into it before it can be executed properly. And did I mention; you also need a big budget for this as well. Spending few dollars a day won’t work. You need thousands of dollars to get some decent traffic so that you can measure your results accurately.

Content Marketing Pros:

  • Cheaper than PPC
  • Traffic is somewhat instant
  • Can be effective on the long run and if done right

Content Marketing Cons:

  • You must be writing and publishing content non-stop
  • You need a big budget
  • You need to wait a long time until your audience are engaged before you can start seeing results.
  • You must find a website that accepts your content and you must go through very tough verification process.

3- Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Traffic

If you have all the time in the world to waste on following with Google’s constant, never-ending algorithm changes, and if you’re OK with constantly tweaking and changing your business and website to match Google’s terms; then go for it. Maybe you will rank or Maybe not and “MAYBE” is in fact the logical term to use. Because majority of website owners do everything right in terms of SEO, everything by the book; however, still don’t get ranked.

And those that do, they’re first page rankings are only as good as the next Google algorithm change before their website is buried on Google’s 100th page once again. At this point you would have to rinse and repeat the SEO process again and fix up every NEW mistake on your site to comply with the new algorithm; and “MAYBE ” get ranked once again.

I do not consider SEO to be a FREE traffic source as most like to call it. because first after spending good chunk of money to built you website reputation and rank keywords … extra)

SEO Pros:

  • Free traffic (but first after spending good chunk of money to built you website reputation and rank keywords … extra)

SEO Cons:

  • Time consuming
  • Getting ranked is not a sure thing no matter what
  • Relying on Search engine’s good graces to get traffic
  • Not Sustainable
  • Not Reliable
  • NEVER scalable – the traffic you get is limited by the keyword search volume that you’re ranked for.

4- Now To The #1 Traffic Source



Basically solo ads are clicks that comes from Email Blasts, or Campaigns, Sequences. You can purchase a set number of clicks from various solo ad sellers.

People receive the email about your Offer (email swipe), if they like what they read, they Click, the minute a unique person Clicks, that’s a solo ad click, then it directs them to your optin page, sales page .. extra …

They are usually sent to a squeeze page so you can build an email list. Some solo ad sellers will send directly to a sales page or article, but not many, as it is not recommended as always better to capture the leads on your own list, and Upsell them in a good email sequence, or personally connect with them.

Solo Ads is used most in Business Opportunities, make money online offers, Work From Home, Weight Loss, diet, Personal Development & now Cryptocurrency offers and it’s because Solo ads is a highly-scalable PPC (Pay Per Click) traffic source. It is different from other red-tape-intensive self-serving PPC networks such as Facebook Ads and Google Adwords, With Solo Ads There’s No Red Tape & No Limitations!

Traditional Pay Per Click sources are painfully slow. First obstacle you bump against is the endless hoops you must jump through to get your offer listed on the network and approved by the mods, which can take weeks, not days or mere hours.

As you can see from the above, Solo Ads are highly targeted, As the person that receives the email is someone requested information or signed up to a newsletter to receive those offers vs Banner ads are not highly targeted, you can get tons of useless clicks and Bot clicks and spiders .. extra … So You need to generate allot more numbers in banner ads to get what you could possibly get in one small solo ad.

Solo ad leads are delivered to you in a high state of readiness to buy. It’s a well-known scientific fact that people make buying decisions with their emotion and justify with logic. And while most prospects you get with traditional PPC sources are skeptical and analytical…


It's Extremely Targeted

Because the email going out is usually to a list of subscribers who are in the same niche and are interested in similar products and services you could be offering. So it's a perfect match


Built Your Email List Quick

It Builds you a huge list really fast. With this kind of traffic volume and speed, you can build a list of thousands in a matter of days if you really wanted to. it's really that simple.


It's Extremely inexpensive

Getting someone to send an email for you to their list of 100,000 subscribers could cost you few hundred dollars which is literally pennies per click. Now compare that to PPC traffic at $2-$3 PPC traffic from Google!


No Red Tape

Buying Solo Ads Traffic is Easy: You choose your Niche, Choose Your Package and Checkout and the seller takes care of the rest.

Solo Ad Terms You Really Should Know:

The solo ad industry uses many terms you should know. Here are the most popularly used terms and what they mean:

  • Click :In the solo ad industry, a click is when someone clicks a link and is sent to your landing page.
  • Unique Click: A unique click is a single visit from the same person. If the same person clicks a link multiple times he is only counted as 1 unique click.
  • Funnel Clicks: Clicks coming from a sales funnel or thank you page are called funnel clicks.
  • Click Broker: A click broker buys clicks from multiple sellers and resells them to buyers. Many click brokers only deal in large click orders.
  • CPC: CPC stands for cost per click. This is the amount you paid for each click sent to your landing page regardless if they took any action at all.
  • EPC: Earnings per click. This is the amount you made per click sent to your landing page. For example, if you received 100 clicks and made $60, your EPC would be sixty cents.
  • Swipe: A swipe, also known as a swipe file, is the email you send to a subscriber on an email list. On occasion a solo ad seller will ask for the swipe file you want him to send.
  • Tier 1: Tier 1 refers to clicks coming from the United States, Canada, Great Britain, Australia and New Zealand. These are the preferred countries to receive clicks from since they usually produce the best sales.
  • Over Delivery (OD): Over delivery is the number of clicks sent over the purchased amount. It is sometimes shown as a percentage.
  • Opt-in Rate: Opt-in rate is the percentage of people landing on your squeeze page that actually subscribe to your email list.
  • Ad Swaps: An ad swap is where two email list owners email their list with the other’s ad or email swipe. Ad swaps are usually done between list owners with roughly the same size lists.
  • Squeeze Page: A squeeze page is a landing page that contains an email opt-in box. A typical squeeze page contains a headline, bullet points of benefits, and a call to action to subscribe to the list. Some squeeze pages give a freebie that can be downloaded after opting in.
  • Click Tracker: A click tracker is a script that tracks and collects statistics on clicks being sent or received. After it records the click stats it redirects the surfer to the intended destination.
  • Click Rotator: A click rotator is used to send clicks to a list of links. They can be set to send clicks to the links in many fashions. Most rotators allow you to set rules on what clicks to send to which links.

Solo ads is a double edged sword. It can be the best thing that ever happened to your online business. But if you’re not careful, and buy from none reputable sellers, and buy cheaper quality ones, you can easily lose thousands of dollars on fake clicks!

So Are You Ready To Get A Surge Of Clean, Fresh, Targeted & Bot-Free Traffic Rushing To Your Offer/Website/Squeeze Page And Start Building Your List & Making Money?